Protected Text – A Safe Notepad

A safe notepad is important for a variety of reasons, and ProtectedText has both of them. Its website protects the notes you store with SHA512 and AES algorithms. Moreover, you don’t have to log in to access your notes, and it doesn’t store passwords. The site is free of ads, and users can post anonymous notes without being concerned about their privacy. There have been no reports of seizures or warrants served on any users.

Protected Text site uses AES and SHA512 algorithms

The Protected Text site uses AES and SHA512 algorithms to encrypt your passwords and prevent hackers from viewing them. You must enter your password twice before you can access the website, and the password must be at least eight characters long. To prevent brute-force attacks, it’s best to choose a long, complex password. While the Protected Text site doesn’t save passwords, it offers other options such as storing passwords in a password manager.

Safe Notepad
Safe Notepad

To encrypt your text, Protected Text uses TLS to ensure data transport through its secure servers. The site allows up to 750,000 characters per page. It’s free and requires no registration. It uses the AES and SHA512 algorithms for hashing and SSL encryption to make it as secure as possible. The Protected Text site does not track its users’ sessions, cookies, or usage data.

It doesn’t store passwords

You can use a password manager app to create, store, and manage your passwords. A password manager app should not make network connections to external servers or store your passwords when you close the app. If you are looking for a good password manager app that will also protect your passwords from being stolen, look no further than Apple Keychain. It supports Two-Step Authentication. In addition to being an excellent password manager, Apple Keychain also supports Two-Step Authentication, allowing you to use your phone’s fingerprint reader to confirm your identity.

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