Google Speech to Text API

If you need to create a transcript of a voice call, you can use Google Speech To Text API. The service produces a table that looks like the following:


Google Speech to Text API

Google’s Speech to text API is a simple way to transform audio files into written text. This API performs operations other than speech. Before you can use this API, you must have a Google account, login to the Google Cloud platform, and enable the Speech to Text API in your application. If you’ve not done so, you can do so here. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to enable Google Speech to text API.

The Google Speech-to-Text API is a cloud-based tool that converts audio files to text with the use of neural network models. It can process audio content in real-time or from pre-recorded files. It supports over 80 languages and can perform asynchronous transcription. Users can record text using a microphone, upload audio, or upload their own recordings. The API provides a list of languages it can recognize and translates.


There are numerous benefits of using a Google Speech To Text service. While word error reduction is the primary objective of speech to text conversion, there are other factors that increase the quality of the results. A crucial issue is punctuation prediction. To solve this problem, the Speech to Text API from Google allows users to add punctuation to transcribed text automatically. To further improve this feature, Google has incorporated an LSTM neural network model.

It is very easy to use Google’s speech to text solution. You can find the voice typing option on the Tools menu and then click it. Once you have clicked the “Voice Typing” option, a microphone will appear on the left hand side of the document. However, the accuracy of voice to text depends on the language you speak. If your accent is severe, you should record your speech in a language you are familiar with. If you have trouble understanding what you are saying, you can always use Translate to see what you have written.


The cost of speech to text conversion is low compared to traditional methods of transcription. Google Speech to Text Enhanced costs about $2.16 per hour and can handle millions of hours of audio and video data each month. It can recognize audio files stored on Google Cloud Storage and Compute Engine instances. Other costs are associated with additional Anthos licensing. These services have controversial histories. Read on to learn more about how Google Speech to Text can help your business.

Although Google’s Speech-to-Text API has been redesigned in 2018, it’s still one of the most cost-effective and business-friendly transcription options available today. For example, the billion dollar audio transcription industry depends on media and entertainment companies to get transcripts of their audio files. The main differences between these services revolve around cost and turnaround time. Human transcription services can take days or weeks to deliver the transcripts, while Google Speech to Text takes just a few minutes.


Google Speech to Text API

If you want to avoid paying for Google Speech To Text services, you can look for alternative tools. LightPDF, a free service, will transcribe your audio files to text. It supports 70 languages, gives you unlimited dictation, and also adds extra spaces for content. It has the same advantages of Google Speech To Text, but it also costs $0.006 per 15-second chunk. However, it only supports English voice recognition.

Another alternative is Microsoft Dictate. Developed by Microsoft’s internal project division, this program is free and supports multi-languages. With the help of machine intelligence, it can translate human speech into text. Users are also able to choose from different machine learning models. Nevertheless, this software may not be for everyone. For people who are not happy with Google Speech To Text, there are many free alternatives that work just as well.

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