Mass Texting Service For Retailers and Other Businesses

Using a Mass Texting Service to send out messages is an excellent way to promote your business. It can remind customers to visit your location or notify them of upcoming events. Similarly, mass texting can alert all stakeholders, including parents, about school closures. With so many stakeholders involved in school operations, it’s important to be able to send out important notifications to each. Mass texting can help retailers and other businesses increase foot traffic and improve their bottom line.


Mass Texting Service For Retailers and Other Businesses

SimpleTexting is a mass texting services provider that allows you to create and send messages to multiple lists. You can create as many lists as you want, and you don’t need to have a technical background to set up your messages. SimpleTexting offers detailed analytics on your list, including how many new subscribers you added, how many unsubscribes you had, and the keywords that people used to join. The service also offers Zapier integrations, which means you can add people to your Sausage and Hot Dog Deals list automatically from Facebook lead ads or Google Forms. For larger volumes, SimpleTexting offers an upgrade plan.

In addition to creating and managing lists, SimpleTexting allows you to track engagement, create keywords and send texts to different lists. You can also connect SimpleTexting to other apps and track your campaign’s progress. A mass texting service should also have a campaign tool that allows you to filter campaigns, view analytics, and export all of your data in CSV format. The campaign tool will give you the ability to set up your campaigns and tailor them to your needs.


While it doesn’t offer groundbreaking mass texting features, Heymarket is a solid option for businesses looking to send messages to a large audience. The service offers unlimited users, private messaging, contact assignments, and an intuitive interface. Users can automate certain functions, such as sending messages to customers who text the word ‘JOIN’. The platform also offers four different pricing options based on company size, including monthly and annual subscriptions. If you’re interested in trying Heymarket for free, check out their two-month trial.

Heymarket’s Pro plan costs $239 per month or $2388 a year. For this price, you’ll get unlimited SMS messages, reports on two years’ worth of data, and API access. You’ll also get unlimited contact lists, team members, and devices. For added convenience, the Pro plan also includes priority customer support and a dedicated training program for your team. Heymarket also offers a free trial of its Enterprise plan, which includes priority customer support and a dedicated training program.

Heymarket Lite

Mass Texting Service For Retailers and Other Businesses

The Heymarket Lite mass texting service has a host of features for businesses to improve their customer service. With its customizable templates, users can compose and send text messages to their clients without the hassle of setting up multiple accounts. Additionally, the service supports opt-out keywords like STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, END, and QUIT. This gives companies the flexibility to respond faster to questions and requests from customers.

The Heymarket Lite mass texting service has an intuitive interface for sending and receiving text messages. No installation is required and users can send as many messages as they want, all at once. Messages sent via Heymarket are treated as individual messages, allowing users to insert images, links, and first names. Coworkers can also be added as contacts, making it possible to create personalized messages at scale. The service also features a swiping function, which lets users set reminders.

Heymarket X

One of the main benefits of Heymarket is the ability to reach multiple customers at once, whether it’s a group of customers or a single person. You don’t have to worry about the other customers seeing your messages because they’ll be private. You can also set up auto-responders and merge tokens to streamline internal workflows and customer response times. Heymarket also offers integration with popular apps and is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. You can also choose to assign certain clients to specific team members to ensure that your text messages are sent to the right people.

You can purchase a plan from Heymarket by a monthly or yearly subscription. You can get a discounted monthly rate or two months for free when you pay annually. The standard plan costs $59 per month and includes unlimited team members, contacts, and devices. It also includes message retention, 1,000 messages per month, and a daily list size of 400 unique recipients. You can also subscribe to a team plan and share one email address with multiple team members.

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