Which Short Code Texting Service is Right For Your Business?

If you’re considering a short code texting service for your business, there are several different options to choose from. The three main options are dedicated short codes and toll free numbers. These options all provide unique benefits and advantages. Below we’ve listed the benefits of each option. After reading this guide, you’ll have a better idea of how these services can help you reach your business goals. But which option is right for you?


Dedicated short codes

A dedicated short code is the best choice for organizations and businesses that value a trusted and recognizable number. It also offers greater message delivery and multimedia content. The biggest downside of a dedicated short code is that it is more expensive than a 10-digit long code. However, it has the advantage of being approved much faster than a long code and can send messages to a large number of recipients within days.

Dedicated short codes give brands complete exclusivity and recognition, allowing them to control their consumer experience. Additionally, dedicated short codes offer unlimited keyword usage, maximum functionality, and database portability. Dedicated short codes also allow businesses to control the speed of messaging and the number of messages they send. The speed of messaging is important in SMS marketing. In addition, dedicated short codes enable businesses to maintain direct access to their wireless carriers.

Toll free numbers

Which Short Code Texting Service is Right For Your Business?

A toll free number is a unique phone number with a three-digit area code, which a customer can dial to receive free messages. These numbers are commonly used for marketing purposes, and they support both voice and text messaging. However, if you want to use a toll free number for marketing purposes, it’s better to get a long-distance plan. Short-distance plans may charge you extra for text messaging, so consider your options carefully.

The best uses for toll free numbers are customer support, sales, and person-to-person communications. This is because a toll free number allows for higher message throughput than a local number. Toll-free numbers are also used for notification and alerts. While the main advantage of toll free numbers is the convenience they provide, the downside is that they are expensive and time-consuming to use.


MobiDigger Short Code Texting Services put you in control of your mobile phone number. With its simple and secure platform, you can use your nickname and mobile phone number to send anonymous messages to friends and family. Its mobile messaging system automatically renames existing wireless phone numbers to match your nickname. The service is free for up to three messages, and it has already attracted a quarter-million users.

What is SMS? Short Code Texting is the quickest way to communicate with people who have opted in to receive text messages. SMS stands for Short Message Service. This service is a mobile marketing platform. This platform can allow you to send messages to people in any country. It’s also free to sign-up. You’ll also be able to monitor the number to make sure that it is registered.


Which Short Code Texting Service is Right For Your Business?

The SlickText Short Code Texting Service is one of many SMS marketing tools available on the Internet. It provides texting services to businesses and individuals in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. You can send messages using toll-free and local numbers or text-enabled landlines, and you can even get dedicated short codes for an additional monthly fee. The creation of a SlickText campaign is similar to creating a campaign with other SMS marketing tools, including the use of custom fields and the ability to set up a dedicated account.

SlickText will make reasonable efforts to restore service after a delay. However, the service may not be available within the original quoted cost or scope of Client Delay or Change. Any Client Delay or Change may be caused by the Client performing or not performing actions in connection with the SlickText service. In addition, any delays in the implementation of Client Changes may incur additional charges. Please consult with a qualified SlickText representative before engaging in any service with SlickText.


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