What is Software? What is Computer Software?

Many people who deal with the digital world have heard the word software. Words such as software, coding and programming have become indispensable concepts in the electronic world. Even though we do not encounter it much in daily life, it is impossible not to encounter it when we move to the internet world.

When we look at it simply, even the smartphones we use have software. There is even software on the electronic device on which you are reading this article. Software is now indispensable for electronic goods. In fact, it is possible to come across a programming language not only in these items but also in different areas and objects. Software is needed even for the smallest phenomenon.

We use this method for a system we want to develop. Marc Andreessen, who has become famous throughout the world as an entrepreneurship brand, includes an interesting quote on the subject: “Software is eating the world.” According to everyone, Marc Andreessen may have exaggerated a bit. However, we stated at the beginning of the article that there is some truth to it.

You need coding regardless of your industry. Whether you own a small business or a large company, coding is necessary in every field. You don’t necessarily need to own a company. For a small application, the coding system is used. If you want, now briefly, what is software? Let’s consider this issue.

What is Software?

Briefly Software; It is a system of commands that enable electronic devices to communicate with each other and continue their functions. In other words, it is the entire system that allows electronic devices to do their work. Programming or coding language is used to solve problems in electronic environment.

Software is divided into two as application and system software. Application software can be viewed as individual or user-oriented. Application software is made according to the demands and needs. Here, the individual states his/her wishes and a software is designed accordingly. Not only the programming language is used in application software. Additionally, different applications may be needed.

In order for programming to function and work correctly, it must have a certain operating system. Application software is separated within itself. These; It creates categories as entertainment, commercial, general purpose and presentation software. Depending on the desired service, individuals or company owners choose the appropriate one within the category. The service team that develops the software performs the programming upon request.

Secondly, we encounter system software. As its name suggests, it is known as a type of software that is completely system-oriented and system-integrated. It allows the computer to operate completely itself. System software, in particular, ensures that the computer hardware and system progress and do not fail. It helps to use all the functions required for the computer. It involves the assembly of systems such as windows, services, operating systems, device drivers, and servers while executing these operations.

System software is divided into two: Operating System Software and Service Software. The operating system allows all operations performed or to be performed in a controlled manner. At the same time, operating software allows the user to manage the computer or system. Everything is left to the user’s will. In service software, support operations are mostly involved. It fulfills the data required in the system. Virus removal, disk formatting or reduction, keyboard editing, file transfer, file size reduction, file moving or copying operations are carried out by the service software.

What is Computer Software?
Computer software; It is the whole of coding systems that allow you to perform any operation on electronic devices such as desktops and laptops. System and application programs are a good example of computer software. Let’s explain computer programming a little more. System software includes BIOS, operating system and drivers. BIOS makes our computer work when we first turn it on.

It helps us to start the computer the way we registered or configured it before. On the operating side, it processes all the layouts and programs on the computer. Roughly speaking, the operating system takes over the task of running the coding in the memory when the computer is turned on.

However, there is a difference between the computer used at work or in a high-performance industry and the computer used at home. This difference differentiates the processes in programming or coding. After BIOS and operating, drivers are released. Drivers enable the operating system to run. Previously, the drive was loaded from CDs. Now the same practice continues. However, most users easily upload via the internet.

The application side is also an important point for computer software. The operation of the applications in the computer is also possible thanks to an application It also happens. Running Office programs, playing games or performing operations in different programs is possible with the software. Antivirus programs have a special place for computer software. While protecting the computer against incoming attacks, it detects viruses and deletes them all. The antivirus program will not be turned off unless the individual wishes to do so. Constantly monitors the computer.

The database ensures that the data is kept on the computer in an orderly manner. It does not allow complexity and takes up little space. DBase and Access are examples of these. Web browsers are another form of programming within computer software. We can connect to the internet through the web browser. Statistical programs also allow us to perform analysis and graphics on the computer. CAD programs also require powerful software. It transfers many objects from the outside world to the computer environment through technical drawing.

What is Program Software?
Programming is an event that occurs completely separate from the computer. Here, coding is done only on the program. Programming languages are also used for software. One of these languages is used during coding. There are more than 130 known programming languages available so far. The most used ones are; They are Java, JavaScript, Cobol, PHP, Swift, C, C++, Pascal, Basic and Python. Python differs from these with its open-code programming language. The program software goes through hardware and coding path. This software may vary according to need. Program software can be produced according to the needs of people or companies. In fact, this is exactly the purpose of it. It serves individuals, companies or users.

What is B2b Software?
B2b, as everyone knows, is a system that has a company-to-company e-commerce model. In order to exist or be successful in this system, companies developed B2b software. We can say that B2b is a good example for software. B2b software is perfect for e-commerce. It works integratedly in many areas such as accounting, product, stock status, order tracking and customer support. It is said that companies using B2b software are more advantageous.

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